Unusual light in the sky…..

….was visible at 4pm GMT yesterdat the 13 Feb 2009. Out with dog Smud the beagle at Riverside and the sun which was very bright – due to set say forty minutes – yet so very bright i thought ‘thank goodness i wasn’t out in this all day’.  What was interesting and had me fascinated was another ‘sun’ to say twenty degrees to the north with spectral colours ie a mini rainbow at the southern end ie closer to the sun.

 Clever meteorologists please advise.

I haven’t much time to search this out, by chance here is a treatment of high altitude ice – perhaps this was the phenomena I was viewing.


When I’ve time I shall have to have a shufty over Miles Obriens blog, looks a good ‘un. At present I’m enjoying a couple of hours studying Mandarin in the kitchen – that is where the light is good for book work and I can hear the birds in the garden. I’ve also product to assemble and depatch as well as a desire to be out with Smud. Zaijian (see you agn in Mandarin).

see http://kllrchrd.livejournal.com for a more regular regurgitation of my minutae……..



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