We need some art here….

……so here is an absolute stunner:

Paul Uccello painted this around 1455, can now be seen in the National Gallery, London. :

If only I could paint like that……

And here is an interesting blog just found after ten minutes googling : http://www.henryjenkins.org/2007/01/more_thoughts_on_haw_par_villa.html

Well worth reading.


5 Responses to “We need some art here….”

  1. kathz Says:

    The Uccello was a childhood favourite of mine and I used to gaze at it whenever I visited the National Gallery. It’s good to see the Breughel Landscape with Fall of Icarus in the Musee des Beaux Arts in Brussels, though it’s hard to separate my experience of the room from Auden’s comments in his poem.

    Do you know U.A. Fanthorpe’s poem “Not My Best Side” based on the Uccello painting? http://www.chiastic.net/~terry/NotMyBestSide.html Like many of her poems, it amuses while making a serious point.

  2. kllrchrd Says:

    Excellent, tks for the info and Fanthorpe is new to me. The Uccello I had in mind was the one with the huge distant landscape to the left and the dragon, poor thing, in a different posture. I spent an appreciable amount of time tho couldn’t find it. I would love to be able to copy a painting such as that. I’ve actually never been to the National Gallery, tho the Ashington Group have! Thames and Hudsons are my source mostly.

  3. kathz Says:

    For me, growing up in London, the National Gallery, the Tate, etc. have been free entertainment for most of my life. I suspect you may know the Laing in Newcastle which has some good paintings. (Do you know Durham’s Oriental Museum, by the way? I went there once, many years ago, and enjoyed their Chinese collection.) There’s a fairly recent U.A. Fanthorpe Collected Poems that you might enjoy – your library should have a copy. I’ve been lucky enough to hear her read – in my local library!

  4. kllrchrd Says:

    Sorry, I hadn’t realised your comment was here. I’ve actually never been to the Laing, strangely, the city is not somewhere I was taken as a child and I’ve never been able to locate where the gallery is! I’m sorry to to have to say this, it makes me sound a philistine, yet particularly these days I detest being in the city. Yet I would like an occasional trip to London, maybe London churches. I have a magazine series from the early 1960’s – ‘The clocks of London’ and it makes for very interesting reading. I suppose I’m an armchair traveller, or perhaps would travel/visit things if I had a suitable companion. No fun alone.

  5. kllrchrd Says:

    Kath – I forgot to mention, the Fanthorpe link is excellent, thankyou. The distinct personality of the writer comes across very well, I enjoyed reading that poem. i shall tootle for more.

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