Animal cruelty.

I’ve blogged previously on my feelings re needless suffering. Tonight while driving to the horses a maniac driver came flying towards us, I froze, on the narrow country road I could see him in the rear view mirror bounce hideously as he went ‘off road’.  After we had fed the horses we took our usual tootling route back toward the mainroad. We were so sad, some piece of crap had killed a pair of ducks, a drake and his mate. At this stretch of very B road we saw the pair most nights. Waddling along like an old married couple. Now no more. Its highly likely it was the same piece of crap that passed us earlier at high speed. Feathers were scattered, most likely hit at speed. It fits.

We stopped and I put the pair of them on the verge. Both dead yet still together. These roads once or twice a year are used as a rally circuit. Something I detest. One year I gave a marshall a bloody good talking to. I hope he felt very frightened, it was pitch dark, because thats the emotion I wished to instill in him. There are hares which could be killed, ducks, moorhen, owls (lots), rabbits, sometimes lots of toads. I wonder if this piece of crap at high speed was timing the circuit? If there is a ‘rally’ within a week or two then I will do my best to disrupt it.

Postscript. A day later I am still upset and will always remember these two poor creatures being needlessly killed. As a dog walker I DO NOT want idiots careering about in cars, its getting dangerous. Luckily my hearing functions okay to hear their approach. They always get the old RAC one fingered salute!


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