Learning Mandarin…..

…is a good excuse to play Rainie Yangs ‘Jue Jiang’ many times. I stumbled upon this ravishingly beautiful singer a week ago. She is from Taiwan, born 1984 and is ‘big’ throughout Asia.  A lot of her work till now has been bubblegum pop, probably because her young looks mean she can continue to capitalise on that market. Yet this vid is her new more mature direction, an incredibly good song, very well produced and sung by a very talented Rainie:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNSIEflsQPQ

Here is pinyin for the song  ‘Jue Jiang’, characters (hanzi) to follow:

ni zeng shuo yu xiao shi hou bie di xia tou
yao deng hou qi ji jiang luo
wo bu dong ceng xiang yi qi yong bao de can hong
wei shen me zhi sheng xia wo

*yuan lai ya ai qing shi bu hui liu xia shen me
zhi liu xia can que de meng
neng bu neng ba ni de ai jie dian gei wo
hao rang wo ji xu piao liu*

**wo de jue jiang – feng kuang – wu fa – cheng qiang – liu lang
shi fou zhi sheng yi ge ren zai ji mo zhan chang
ni de mo yang shuo huang – yan guang – zhuang sha – duo chang
wo tao wang**


wo de jue jiang – mi wang – qu chuang – pang huang – bei shang
shi fou ying gai bu ji yi qie qu di kang

ni de mo yang bu xiang – yi wang – piao dang – yao huang
wo tou xiang

I hope to find the characters/Hanzi somewhere.


She co-starred in the film ‘Spider Lilies’ which resulted in an appearance at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007. There are lots of Rainie Yang youtube clips. Heres a clip of the ‘Spider Lilies’ lesbian embrace, Rainie has certainly left the bubblegum behind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55WWN1HVmZ4

I hope she can control her life, find genuine real people and take time out to be quiet and re-charge. I am very impressed with her looks, yet an old gaff re Sino-Japan war on a shallow trashy quizz show in 2003 continues to haunt her and impedes any appreciable activity in mainland China. I hope this silly error on a silly tv show is forgotten as time passes.

Good luck Rainie – real name Yang Cheng Lin.

 Oh yes, just found http://chinat0wn.blogspot.com excellent for pop lyrics in Mandarin.

Here are a few pics less easy to find on youtube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnb2veoABo0

POSTSCRIPT: A REQUEST TO AORIJIA HAS RESULTED IN HER POST WITH FULL PINYIN AND CHARACTERS.  I am so happy – this song rates as one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. For Rainie Yangs ‘Jue Jiang’ which means ‘stubbornness’:


Thankyou so much Aorijia


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One Response to “Learning Mandarin…..”

  1. Aorijia Says:

    Hello! Thank you for thanking me… But it was really no problem 🙂 I like Rainie. I already posted some of her songs (including the one she sings for the Spider Lilies OST) and I’ll keep posting in the future, for sure. She’s really cute and talented.

    You have a nice blog! Very good for Mandarin learners.

    I wish all the best for you!! Regards,


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