Post Office closures.

Post Office closures.
…..our talkie 24hr radio tells us here in the UK that there is to be another wave/purge of Post Office closures. I don’t sell on ebay, yet for my little activities I despatch abt 150 parcels by mail a year. Due to my difficulties luckily have ONE Post Office and another a hundred miles away I use on holiday, that I can cope with. I am phobic abt shops and post offices, yet luckily the local one I feel okay in. Nice people, family run, not quite from round here, genuinely nice people. A couple of years ago expository tv revealed the ineptitude of short term PO labour in London. So bad you couldn’t make it up. This country is run by #rseholes.

The ability to make straightforward reasoned evaluations has gone. The Post Office lurches from one blunder to another. Their pension fund is a sad story. We are taking the kickback. Near my place of work – usual story- little sub PO shut, lots of elderly in the area, now have to bus, if they can, three miles into town. The co-op store was a couple of doors away, everything neatly to hand. Seeing familiar faces, might be the only conversation they get all week.  Set routines they can cope with. The tenants of that PO didn’t want to shut down. Its the compoulsory thing that irritates. To anyone thats stood in a PO queue its baffling. Yet another instance of a grosss error of judgement.

Heres an idea –  let them out to Pakistanis, they’ll jump at the chance. Better them than no-one. Fact. I’ve also posted the above on my  as I feel very strongly on this matter. Something about which I would CERTAINLY MAKE AN ACTIVE PROTEST. I am Mr Angry today.


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