Our beagle.

Smuddy at eighteen months.

Here he is ‘our pretendy alpha’ beagle.

Testerday it struck me how small he is in body, after straining his leg ten days ago then having to take him daily to get his ear drops he now looks a bit thin. Hes had Rimadyl anti-inflammatory for ten days, that drug nearly killed our first beagle. Yet he looks thin. I wonder if he is the smallest of the litter? Hence the over exaggerrated  macho posturing to assert himself. At twelve months there was a visible change in that he seemed more comfortable with us, trusted us. He is a small, slight fellow.

Cod liver oil is still administered daily to cool his behaviour, low protein feeed is essential,  hierachy/pack methods maintained at all times. No treats. Feed last.  Play sessions are half to one minute, I disengage. I’m trying not to kiss or fool around with his head, it was pointed out to me how this would be me occupying the servile position.

He’s a good lad (!) tho ripped my new sleeveless jacket yesterday. I took it too far in the fooling around. I doubt if other owners from this litter have exercised the patience we have. First twelve or fourteen months were hell, I NEVER want to go through that agn. He still won’t come to me in the house, better behaved outside, clings like mad when I’m in the garden.

He’s twenty nine months now. I never did get back in touch with the breeder. I hope to God she’s not churning out beagles with these behavioural problems. If you’ve young kids – forget it!

As a postscript, I met a most knowledgable dog owner recently, she told me to observe how other dogs sniff around Smuds ears yet he never sniffs theirs, this is a sign of their kowtowing to his alpha position, even big dogs behave in this way to him. This has been borne out in the weeks since she told me.

See my earlier posts on http://kllrchrd.livejournal.com

Postscript Feb 2010 …. I cannot believe reading the above I allowed Smud to take RIMADYL.. last week after another sprained leg we were dished out killer RIMADYL no way !! .. Went back and got it replaced with metacam.. a drug that our first Rossmaith beagle Snuffy was okay with. Read the stories on the web .. its banned in the USA.

Wwe love this fella dearly, its not been easy, not an easy family pet. Follow the tips elsewhere on this blog.


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