Hong Qi Pu: Red Flag story….

…..the characters are; 红旗谱.


Pinyin is Hong2 Qi2 Pu3. Translates literally as ‘Red Flag Spectrum’ the ‘spectrum’ bit need more investigation. A Chinese film I am very impressed with. The scene of the son departing in the first reel is so very powerful. You don’t need Hanyu (Chinese language) to follow this. Also in the first reel is the market scene backed with an incredible female singer soundtrack.

The male lead is Cui Wei, he plays the father at the start, then the son returned as a grown man.  He is a famous actor director in China.


Directed by Lin Zifeng. I’ll ask my friend Zhu Zhu to look over the data to see if I have it correct.


Set one hundred years ago. 红旗谱 I think the title means Hong Qi story.    1960 by Beijing Motion picture studio. Some beautiful scenes and settings, excellent atmospheric musical score. Lots of well observed human characteristics, love, loyalty, ageing, family and struggle against an ignorant despot. To my mind it reads as anti Communist, reminding me immediately of the work of Shostakovitch in Russia.

A masterpiece.



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