I have just been reading kathleenzbell over on yahoo. Her topic included a most wonderful man Franz Jagerstatter.

 Breaking the law

He had a conscience and a personal morality that told him the Nazis were bad. He would not follow them.


Read the link. This moves me deeply. He would not be co-erced by a jackbooted thug. A brave man. A hero.

This brings up the question of the so-called merits and virtues in the thinking of those in control. Very quickly laws can be passed which nibble away at age old traditions, hinder and curtail basic human rights and the ability to think and act in a reasonably free manner.  The world and life is to be enjoyed, nurtured, developed, not oppressed and confined. The Nazis had images of young blonde people running abt and ‘free’. As long as it was in the fashion their masters wished.

I have had a lifelong distrust and dislike of what the herd ‘thinks’ and does.

There are a lot of blinkered and bigotted people out there. I met a friend of my Auntie A, she has known her since the mid 1940’s. She’d like me to garden for her. In three wasted waffling stage managed visits of two to three hours each time (I’m angry at the waste of a working mans time) she has turned out to be a facile uncaring fascist. Extreme, uncaring views, no regard for those with little or no money or influence. Thinks health care was better pre NHS. Oh well thank goodness she’s moneyed and middle class, spares her the cold and fear of being poor. A vile woman. She whispers so slowly, stage managed hypnotism. Was a tech college lecturer, I’d have shouted ‘speak up’. God, I detest her. Married to a police officer so her latest parking fine was waived, not for the first time I would imagine. Has herself hidden in one of our local high income dormitory villages. Well away from the riff raff. I’ll not work for her. She waved less than the agreed money smirking ‘don’t spend it all at once’. It was a particularly bad customer to have been passed to me, as I have no interest in her recollections. In fact I prefer no such dialogue. When I think how little she has assimilated, yet she fancies herself as the intellectual! I would recommend a favourite book of mine, ‘The Making of the English Working Class’ by E.P.Thompson. A very important book. And if only she could read Trestles ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’ a book I couldn’t read, too harrowing for me, a bit too close to home. In the early seventies I was so very affected by Paul Foot.

Her views of the Guardian and Ruskin College were trundled out on each of the three visits. After visit three I was ‘full of hell’ for days. Ruined the day after concentration at work. To hell with her.


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