We help horses……

Field three.

…..that don’t actually belong to us. Yet our additional nuitrition is useful to them. They overwinter with plenty of fat on them and our daily visits improve morale and handleability.

At present its the old grey mare in field three and three two yearolds in field two who arrived a month ago and obviously know us from when they were foals. Field one has three new occupants, two year olds that seem unable to understand hand feeding. I don’t want to get bogged down feeding them everyday, so timid and so wary ( as is often the case) yet occasional carrots are ‘drawing them out’.

A foal in silhouette.

And of course we have our pretendy alpha perhaps autistic beagle, who at twenty nine months, with the aid of low protein feed, cod liver oil and ‘pack’ hierachy is tolerable – and we now love him! 


Mr Smuddy Rossmaith.

And I can never forget our first beagle, Snuffy Rossmaith. Easygoing, compliant. I always put the ‘Hungary Quartet’ (1952 mono-recorded in Paris) on cd playing late Beethoven quartets ie the three Rasumovsky, or op.74, or 132 etc. For a year or more I couldn’t play them without feeling so overwhelmed by the old fella.

Snuffy Rossmaith.

Buried at John and Ednas at Loweswater. A good ‘un.

Beagles CANNOT be left on their own. Feed low protein, no treats, cod liver oil, operate pack hierachy. Oh yes, a new piece of information, do not kiss or fondle your dog around the head. Do not over-praise, keep it all low key. Theres lots more re beagle training here on this blog and on my earlier jottings, www.kllrchrd.livejournal.com.



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