A headstrong beagle…..

Smuddy at eighteen months, Bassenthwaite, Cumbria, May 2007.

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 kllrchrd said…

We have an alpha tendency beagle, unloveavable in the first year, yet this second year we love him. We DO NOT HIT contrary to a lot of ‘knowledgable’ dog people out there. Low protein feed is essential and no treats. As you say, lots of exercise and training. Skip the puppy stuff and straight into training. As someone said to me once (this is our second Beagle) – he hopes they never get popular as they CANNOT be left on their own. A good blog, well done, kllrchrd

1:28 PM

 kllrchrd said…I’ve more news re a difficult beagle. A couple of weeks age I started ours on cod liver oil. It cools him down. Trials were conducted on prisoners in Norway, it reduced violence.
Do not kiss or snuggle up to the dog around the head, it signals ‘you are boss’.Restrict the dog roaming around the house, reinforce your hierachy by shutting doors.NEVER leave a beagle on its own. If you must, then leave a radio on.

No treats, these signal hierachy.

Groom the dog, even if its for a few seconds.

Be firm, appropriate voice etc. Firm eye contact. Get the dog to come to you, not you to the dog.

Humans thro a door first, humans eat first, no titbits from the table.

Never forget a little bit of playtime, sticks etc. You initiate, win then cut the session after a minute or two.

No bones to allow the dog to be possessive.

Sounds tough – its more appropriate than hitting.


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