The Chinese Guzheng …

is the father of the Japanese koto. Without a bridge and smaller it is a guqin.

Heres a fabulous clip with excellent notes:

I also found an excellent clip of Tang poetry, a poem in the middle is very familiar to me. Visuallystunning.

POSTSCRIPT 29th October: Satsuki below offers input and re-reading wiki is very interesting.


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2 Responses to “The Chinese Guzheng …”

  1. Satsuki Shizuka Says:

    The qin and se belong in the same family, but are not derived from one another. Also, if you write “guquin” (or pronounce it goo-kwinn), I can promise you the hundred-some members over at the Facebook International Guqin Society will be sharpening their knives…



  2. kllrchrd Says:

    Thankyou for your information.

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