Chang Jing – music from China.

Chang Jing 

My good friend Zhu Zhu has obtained information for me on Chang Jing –  famous in China. Here is the original document in characters, Hanzi, I’ll work on this post later when I’ve more time.

Uh oh – not working…


There are more characters, tho I’ll skip to the free machine translation:

After “will breathe the ” this modern zheng tune is static and well-known music person Ouyang forever shines after the Chinese first modern zheng performance daily family activity unites the manufacture a modern absolute music work.By the modern music adapter and the zheng union, builds one unprecedented characteristic music.。In what music expresses is the people the city life, the innermost feelings which makes noise was longing for extremely pure sky, longed for the free breath one concept, the underwater sound, the breathing, the Xiao empty melodious, the zheng good friend, the structure leave a music landscape painting.This also is ” breathes ” the concept, receives in the scenery accepts the world, “gives you the purest breath, for you most beautiful feeling”.It is the Eastern most ancient nationality musical instrument, the zheng and modern music best perfect unifies
 Chang Jingxiao the file:
  Is often static, is born in the Sichuan Chengdu, eight years old start to study the zheng.1985 final exams entered the Sichuan conservatory attached middle school, started and the zheng indissoluble bond.1991 final exams entered China Conservatory, Mr./Mrs. Shi Congyu Li Wanfen and Qiu accomplish teacher, in 1995 graduated by the entire class first result and was admitted Chinese Song-and-dance troupe. Performance:
  From 1996 to 2002 period, once six times went to the French participation modern music festival.
  From January, 1998 went to the American 15 cities to February along with the China shinei philharmonic orchestra to tour, obtains the high praise.
  In 1998 went to the Portuguese participation modern music festival.
  In October, 1998 went to Aomen to attend the international art festival.
  Went to Japan from 1998 to 2000 five times, attended the art festival, the music festival, the rock and roll music festival. In February, 2001 visited the European seven countries along with the Chinese nationality art group.
  In March, 2001 went to the French Lyons participation modern music festival.
  In August, 2001 invited on Thai princesses to go to Thailand to perform.
  In October, 2001 went to Portugal to perform the visit.
  In January, 2002 invited on Thai princesses to go to Thailand to perform once more, and is hired for princess’s permanent zheng teacher.
  In February, 2002 invited on French Broadcasting station, to go to the Paris participation modern music festival, “Butterfly Loved Flower” in the travel law composer Chen Qigang recent work to hold the post of the zheng performance, played by the French Symphony orchestra association, Tang Muhai directed.
  On February 26, 2002, went to Singapore along with Chinese Song-and-dance troupe to participate in the Chinese race culture festival.
  In August, 2002 went to the Spanish participation culture festival along with the Paulo orchestra.  In August, 2002 took Chinese government’s only representative with Thai princesses together in China’s Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Thailand’s Bangkok joint performance four “Chinese-Thai Kissed” the concert, China and Thailand’s leadership all attended the concert.
  In September, 2002 participated in the Beijing international music festival.
  In October, 2002 attended the Shanghai international art festival.
  In February, 2003 and the German musicians set up the world music orchestra together “Five Lines”, has held three concerts in Germany. 
。And transcribes the orchestra special edition, soon publishes.
  Once cooperated the symphony orchestra included: China loves the happy symphony orchestra, central opera opera house symphony orchestra, Chinese Opera Opera house Symphony orchestra, Shanghai Symphony orchestra, Shanxi Province symphony orchestra, French Country Symphony orchestra, German Stuttgart Symphony orchestra, Thai Navy Symphony orchestra and so on.”To String” in the phonograph record special collection holds the post of the composing music zheng to play
 Chang Jing now the condition:  1. taking the post of central song-and-dance troupe zheng plays
 2. Thai princesses the permanent imperial zheng teacher
3. orchestras: Fuses the female folk music orchestra, the Paulo – Beijing conversation orchestra, Chang Jing & the Jens orchestra.



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4 Responses to “Chang Jing – music from China.”

  1. Casey Says:

    Where or where can I find albums by this artist? I have been looking for months….. I am in Phoenix AZ… and ideas?

    Thanks, and thanks for the post!

  2. gemarrs Says:

    If this girl got together wtih Zhao Cong the Pipa player, they’d dominate the Chinese music scene! haha! 🙂

  3. Hanh Says:

    how come it is so difficult to get the album of this artist? i want to support the artist and buy the album. any idea where i can get it?

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