nu4 chao2, Title (?) ‘Fury Waves’.


This is so beautiful. Friends departing is a big theme in Chinese poetry and in cinema. 

Machine translation of the youtube description: 

Saw somebody off
 the movie “Raging tide of emotion” the interlude
 in 1963.

怒潮 is the title, which using character to pinyin reults in nu4 chao2. First character as an adjective is angry,furious,indignant; also can work as a noun, anger, passion, rage. Second character chao2 is less easy to find, its character no.250 in my Mathews Chinese-English Dictionary. Apparently means ‘tide’. So looks like a friend departing on the tide, thats the beauty of Hanyu, two characters convey so much.

Heres the clip, and I’ll go on youku to find the complete film….

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Postcript: Found on is 98:55 of ‘Fury Waves’. I am so lucky!

Heres the listing:

  • 怒潮 (FURY WAVES) 上映:1963年地区:中国大陆类型:剧情片画面:黑白导演:史文炽 Wenzhi Shi编剧:…
  • 怒潮 华语电影 张平 刘秉章 翟春华 周凤山
  • pk华语电影 20天前
  • 播放: 80| 评论: 1| 收藏: 1
  • and here is a pinyin version:

    nu4 chao2   ( F U R Y   W A V E S )   [shang3;shang4] ying4 : 1 9 6 3 nian2 [de;di4] [ou1;qu1] : [zhong1;zhong4] guo2 [da4;dai4] [liu4;lu4] lei4 xing2 : ju4 qing2 [pian1;pian4] hua4 mian4 : hei1 bai2 dao3 yan3 : shi3 wen2 chi4   W e n z h i   S h i bian1 ju4 : . . . 

    and a machine translation fro

    The raging tide of emotion 98:55 raging tide of emotion (FURY WAVES) screens: In 1963 area: Mainland China type: Plot piece picture: Black and white direct: Shi Wenchi Wenzhi Shi screenwriter: …
    Raging tide of emotion Chinese movie Zhang Pingliu holds Zhang Zhai Chunhua the week Fengshan pk Chinese movie 20 days ago
    to broadcast: 80| commentary: 1| collection: 1

    And the url is:


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