Anthony Delaney.

I’ve just been reading abt Anthony Delaney on the ever excellent kzb blog:

The poor man has been imprisoned under the fuzzy ‘catch all’ ASBO  law. The bastards have put him in prison! Now he will have a ‘record’ and be in a position far worse than when he sheltered at Gatwick Airport, the very ‘reason’ to bang him up.


This country does some very poor screwed up thinking. The man should be helped, not destroyed, which is what prison can do. I was chucked out of digs after a year, prior to that my Dad had died and six months later the house was sold from under me. I sympathise and appreciate being in a position with absolutely no-one to ask for help or provide me with shelter. Luckily a week before, 1976, I had met my wife to be. If ever there was illustration of the guiding hand of God….

Everyone involved with Anthony Delaney will have been so ‘faceless’ and ‘acting professionally’. I am ashamed.

Q. Is this counry becoming stratified to those that have (a job, money) to those that haven’t?  And why is it that the dearth of ‘professionals’ often seem to function little better than automatons? Prove me wrong.


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