youku – Music vids from China.

I’m tootling around, here are bits and pieces:

This first one has me enthralled. When she hits those low notes….wow! Youku is handy, plays track after track without being prompted. (postscript, I have found her name on youtube as Chang Jing, track is ‘Breath’ I need to explore further, a knockout in all respects).

Heres a modern ‘Molihua’ a fabulous tune:

Heres an excellent animation of a guqin player:

The great thing abt youku is that it plays automatically vid after vid without being prompted, tho that perhaps is with me clicking on a few to see for a few seconds. Which means I can leave the pc to itself while I get other things done….clever! I searched for molihua in characters, I’m getting lots of guquin music, an instrument I love. I shall search now for pingshaly, 平沙落雁
an astounding guquin track heard on Click sixth down on 

I am impressed with the Chinese mastery of cinema and promo vid.

Another excellent guquin animation with fabulous music:


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