Shangganling Mountain.

From the film 上甘岭 Shanganling Mountain.

电影《上甘岭》1956年由长春电影制片厂拍摄,编剧:林杉、曹欣、沙蒙、萧矛;导演 :沙蒙、林杉 ;主演:高保成(张忠发)、徐林格(孟德贵)、刘玉茹(王兰);上甘岭电影插曲《我的 祖国》由郭兰英演唱后,历经50年流传至今。

Which machine translates as:

The movie “Mt. Shanggan” in 1956 photographed by Changchun Motion picture studio, screenwriter: Lin Shan, Cao Xin, Sha Meng, dreary spear; Direct: Sha Meng, Lin Shan; Acting the leading role: Gao Baocheng (Zhang Zhong sends), the Xu ringer (expensively Meng De), Liu Yuru (king blue); The Mt. Shanggan movie interlude “My Motherland” sings after Guo Lanying, has been through repeatedly for 50 years to spread until now.


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