More Chinese Cinema.

I love old Chinese films, I’ll use this page to add a few interesting links.


This film deserves to be better known in the West.    

  柳堡的故事(全集)      九九艳阳天-电影《柳堡的故事》主题曲  

九艳阳天 which to me looks like ‘Ninety Nine Sunny Spring Days’

I cried my eyes out seeing the above clip, so beautiful. Here is the same tho extended clip from the film

柳堡的故事  《柳堡的故事》主题曲MTV——九九艳阳天

Postscript: My friend in China, Zhu Zhu knew quite easily from which film the above stunning clip is from. The film itself is called ‘The Story of Liubao’, made in 1960.  Here is the complete film: is a Chinese youtube – massive.

Here is ‘Jiang Chunshui Flows to the East’ 一江春水向东流 which I think is ‘The Yangtze Flows East’. And another which I’ve watched though already and can recommend 地道战 which reads ‘Tunnel Warfare’.

Here is an absolute gem, stunningly photographed. An interesting film set one hundred years ago. 红旗谱 [gong1;hong2] qi2 pu3  “Red Flag Colours……?” (my bad translation)   1960 by Beijing Motion picture studio. Some beautiful scenes and settings, excellent atmospheric musical score. A masterpiece.

Heres a random small clip, interesting:

Also, 英雄儿女 ying1 xiong2 er2 nu:3  (machine translates as heroic children) ‘Battle on an Unknown Hill’ has incredible energy in the war with the Koreans : 

Lastly, a film title I know well, tho have yet to watch ‘Red Detachment of Women’ 红色娘子军  be warned!!

Postscript: Here is the accompanying text for the  ‘Story of Liubao’:

And here is the machine

The movie “Liu Bao the Story” is Shi Yan, Huang Zongjiang acts according to the stone word the novel reorganization of the same name, is the new Chinese movie rare description active duty personnel’s love story movie, it may be said has broken forbidden area then.The movie novel place lies in, lives in the description war time serviceman in the movie the large-scale fight description, emphatically writes the army not emphatically the recuperation and serviceman’s individual emotion life; Writes the young people love between men and women long and also does not lose its revolutionary soldier’s true quality of a hero. Narrates at the war integrates the warm love scene, is ” which the movie the charm does not fade until now mystery “.Directs Wang Pingyi the feminization the seeing and hearing language, recounted between a section of soldier people’s experience, thus causes the people to recall to the war history increases naturally one to be romantic and to be warm.《. “Liu Bao the Story” has highlighted the exquisite character image, has highlighted the northern Jiangsu region of rivers and lakes windmill, the willow, the plank bridge, the light vessel exquisite picture, in addition the movie theme song “99 Sunny spring days” the bold love sings with the sound track tactful full of affection melody, has extremely exquisitely moving expresses feelings the effect, lets the human completely relaxedly, also cannot weigh on the mind for a very long time Although the movie female acts the leading role Tao Yu Ling is first time mounts the silver screen, but actually displays extremely exquisitely two younger sister this role life style and the emotion way moving, fresh may feel.Tao Yu Ling’s East’s -like charminging, or said is the East -like supple graceful, most can move the China movie audience’s esthetic heartstrings.After the movie screens, Tao Yu Ling becomes glistens the star, becomes for a time beautifully symbolic and in many Chinese male audience’s esthetic model and the dream which cannot say with the emotion proclaims the sweetheart.

Not bad for five minutes on a free machine translation service. 

Now I’m going to have to find out abt Tao Yu Ling…….

As you may have gathered I am nuts about her, so cute, and a wonderful screen presence.


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