Chopy Xan.


Chopy XanI love this track, a beautiful singer – Chopy Xan. I’ve blogged on Chopy Xan before. A couple of minutes ago I was re-acquainting myself with the contents of my ‘realplayer’ and cannot help writing a post. Elsewhere I have read how her parents were persecuted by Sadam Hussein and fled when Chopy was three to the safety of Holland. Here the track is ‘Grftari Tom’ – an utter knockout.

chopy xan

From a moment ago here  is another I’ve stumbled upon, what a voice!–4yIu8&feature=related

Another stunning performance from Chopy Xan is ‘Gula Ciya’. I also happen to think she is stunningly beautiful. Her voice has matured beautifully.    url:

There is a Chopy website, tho I can only find the Kurdish version which has stunning photographs of Chopy. From a fan in England, Chopy, the very best of luck, health, happiness  and my good wishes. 


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