Police slowness.

On Saturday about 3.30pm at the social club a garden away from my own plot some kids were screaming and revving each other up, high as kites – out on the front street at the front of the club. So I thought, no harm to get a policeman to drive by, show his presence. Something along the lines of  ‘if a policeman sees us’….

Ho ho ho I didn’t appreciate the helpfulness and acuity of our boys in blue. Rang the still functioning 101 to be stuck with possibly the dimmest and slowest person I’ve ever encountered on a telephone. She really did sound thick. I’ve never heard such a broad accent for years. They pick ’em…… With the added handicap of having to enter name and address by means of keyboard, a moron on smack? I’d better put you thro to the police after a few remarks on slowness and dimness. That turned out to be no different. This is what 25k plus brings? Bloody annoying to be told its only kids playing, she’s telling me! You’re telling me yet you’re not here! Surely its precisely at this point we need their presence. £1.3k a year rates for nowt.

All I envisaged was a car probably within a mile to drive past and show a presence. Easy done? All I got was waffle and bullshit. Is that what the police force is full of, waffle and bullshit? Seems to me. Of course this doesn’t result in any nicked offenders, no points for the league tables. The reasoning must be ‘best let em develop a bit to give some points on the score card’.

In our local town the only night we see any ‘bobbies’ on foot is say, Tuesday early evening, in pairs. Hard core action night – Tuesday……….  

As a postscript, fuzzy thinking tho it is, wouldn’t a bit of Dixon of Dock Green do some good rather than a swat team at 0500? The resources poured into the police should be accountable. A particular bee in my bonnet is the injuries and loss of life from police cars speeding in pursuit. How many a year are killed? Are they banged in prison – no fear! Yet they would like to nab us for half a pint of beer.


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