Last weekend.

Landscape we love.

On Saturday got onto some rough land I hadn’t been on for maybe four or more years, an adjunct to our usual two hours by the dene and lake.


Its very distinctive at this time of year, very much a landscape of white ‘bent’ grass. There are a  couple of areas where upland grits can be found. I think this initiates the characteristic grass type. It was truly enjoyable, wide open beagle landscape. 

 The area is a mile by maybe a third of a mile wide, a sort of tapering long strip.  Private, yet wide open. As well as losing my flat cap which I went back for the next day, as we headed to the outer end I enjoyed remembering the route I often took with the old fella Snuffy, by HSE with the slightly batty tho lovable woman that lives there. We’d have done that circuit maybe forty times over five years. Past the roman road one time we sat on the stile to breath the atmosphere in. It is beautiful gently rolling countryside verging toward peat waste where improvements haven’t been made. At that stile a fox crossed maybe thirty yards in front of us, oblivious to our presence, cocked its leg and went on its way. That was at least six years ago.

Last Saturday maybe fifty yards away from us a fox traversed the field taking the same route. An incredible coincidence. The only difference, we were south of it this time. Once the new fella Smud got a hint of it he was petrified. Tail right down, clinging to the ground. This confirmed its fox that spooks him as on several occasions something has spooked him elsewhere and when this happens no way will he continue forward. No way. I was quite touched, six years separated us from that time with Snuffy yet we witnessed the same actions from another fox. We are lucky.

As always see for lots of beale pics and the horses we’ve fed.


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