Good sense, reason, ability and knowledge

On five live radio prog I have just heard Vince Cable speak on the latest in the Northern Rock problem. He sounded the sort of person we need to hear more of, it was obvious he carries all the qualifications, good sense, reason, ability and knowledge. I don’t see many newspapers tho I would probably prefer them over online news. The Guardian going small format was a disasterous move. Quick google on Vince Cable tells us he was chief economist at oil giant Shell. What a contrast to the vacuous twitterings of Scarlett Maguire. We need to sort the wheat from the chaff. I tend to view the person themselves rather than the party they belong. 

I do feel sorry for Northern Rock as in my opinion the media brought that company down. Did someone deliberately start a whispering campaign to deliberately destroy them? Its straight out of Building and Loan – Jimmy Stewart – ‘Its a Wonderful Life’.

On a lighter note, we have now lost all horses apart from one gray mare in field three which belongs to someone else.  Field one had a pair of two year olds for a month which went a week ago. I liked them a lot, they certainly liked me/my feed. Field two had six two yearolds with a distinct hierachy, due to our good efforts over the six weeks they were there we managed to bring on the two shyest, at the end they had the confidence to get stuck in with the rest and get their fair share. That was good to see. Everyone perky, morale high. Field three was emptied nearly a month ago, an assortment of about eight horses, now only the gray mare, which we see every night. She spent all last winter by herself, when we first saw her we thought she was a little on the thin side so our nuitrition gradually produced some fat. She looks good, not too keen on being touched tho good to be with. The other evening in the dark as I leant on the fence for a few minutes a lovely little brown mouse was darting around near my feet, hope to see it agn. All the horses we’ve attended to have had good lives, good fields, no waterlogging problems, no pestering humans. Shelter where they need it. Often with more weight on after winter than when they started.

For learning Mandarin I’ve started to use and make flashcards. Its obvious I have memorised sentences and poems, I could look at Icelandic and still reel off word perfect Mandarin, so the flashcards of 2-1/2 inch by 1 inch chopped up copier paper spring in an element of suprise. Mostly are double character pairings. I’ve omitted the few dozen most basic words. I’m working through my more recent notes and committing them to flashcard format. And continuing with the excellent elementary lessons at website. Good audio.

As a footnote I implore everyone to read ‘Its a Wonderful life’ by Stephen Jay Gould, all about the Cambrian explosion in the fossil record and the Burgess Shale. Ultra fascinating!! Which leads me to a hobby horse of mine, all kids should explore and learn the geological and paleontological time scales, it puts modern life and shenanigans into perspective.


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