The decay of NHS dental care in the UK.

The NHS provision of affordable dental care in the UK is abyssmal. Over the last couple of years due to political meddling and gross incompetence  from Westminster ordinary people cannot obtain affordable dental care. This is under a supposedly ‘labour government’.  Radio ‘Five Live’ this morning had an excellent phone in re the state of dental provision for ordinary people in this country, interestingly lots of dentists phoned in to shed light on the fiasco. As one dentist said, we need a phone-in for “incompetent politicians” – oh so very true. The founders of the National Health Service would be appalled and horrified to see how it has all been mangled into a shitty mess. Who are the faceless nameless incompetents that have caused this?? 

As the point system for dental practitioners was explained it was frightening as to how ill-conceived the whole system is. How the hell can such incompetence slip thro the net…..are there no brains in this country anymore, or do we live in a land of waffle and bullshit?? Scarlett Maguire pse comment.


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