Tips for an alpha beagle.

Rossmaith, Smudge – a tricky fella.
Here he is, our ‘pretendy’ Alpha Beagle. He has spirit, is very bright, quick to learn and having lived with him for eighteen months we now love him.

Elsewhere in this blog I mention the difficulties we have had with him. He was born November 2005 and when we first got him (our second Beagle) we wondered what the heck the breeder had sold us. She shouldn’t be selling Beagles like this. After a year with us he has calmed quite a lot and we have never ‘used the rod’ on him CONTRARY to an ex-good friend of mine three doors away. Some people just cannot seem to understand  that violence will not bring out his better side. Alpha is Alpha in the sense that his position is indomitable (if thats the right word) he is not ‘wired’ to accept brutal domination. Fooling around is not possible with this dog.

With a dog like this there is a lot you can do:

Low protein feed, ‘Wellbeloved’ or ‘Nairn’ brands.
The ‘snip’.
Build your own hiearachy based on food (just as he would like to).
IMPORTANT: It is vital to vary who feeds him, particularly get males to feed him.
Cut or eliminate ‘larking about’. This is a serious character to quote Ezra Pound.
As with all Beagles serious amounts of time in the countryside.
Train ‘to heel’ very quickly. 
Keep your tone of voice low-key, don’t get all squeaky OTT for no good reason.
If there are toilet problems, put paper down and feed him where he does the job.
Play briefly and constructively. Hide small pieces of food “Where is it?”
Leave him to himself FAR MORE than an ordinary dog.
Several times a day call HIM to YOU, hierachy demands this….. just like the bully in the playground.
His behaviour dictates you skip the puppy stuff and get straight into training. 
He now likes my company and enjoys being in the garden with me. 
Use his name often, Beagles need this voiced thread of connection.
When meeting people DO NOT allow them to fuss over him. Ignore him.
Tone and volume are very powerful, as is turning your back on him.
DO NOT HIT, tho a light smack is ok in the wildest instances. 
No treats or tit-bits. Only train with ‘kibble’ type food in small amounts.
Ignore him at meal times.
Alpha dogs are the BRIGHTEST, develop games or toys to test/develop this initiative.
NEVER leave a Beagle on its own. Arrange your holidays to incorporate him.
Avoid at all cost putting any dog in kennels.
Be good to him, you are his only friend. Nurture him. 

I would like to know what the rest of this Rossmaith litter is like. How have they fared? Have the original owners stuck with them?  As with humans I believe in stability and continuity.

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